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          Sonny Daniel was born in Cleveland, Ohio on October 29. Sonny was born into a loving family after 13 years of marriage. He was a miracle child as his parents were told they wouldn’t be able to have children. Sonny is of mixed decent, african american, german and dutch. Growing up Sonny was an active child like most kids, and loved being in front of the camera. He sang and played his piano for anyone who would listen. At the age of 10 his parents bought him a camcorder of his own, soon after Sonny was making shows with his toys and comedy imitation skits with his best friend. His interests in music grew, falling in love with numerous genres. Sonny loved experimenting and was very curious, he would take things apart just to see what made them work, which over time spiked his love for science. He participated in drama club from the age of 7 to 14 In numerous roles in school plays, speaking, singing and dancing. 

          As time moved on, it was Sonny’s music he was most interested in, during high school he was producing his own as well as recording many local artists under his amateur label Sonny D. Productions. Sonny learned a lot during that time, both good and bad. When Sonny entered the 11th grade he started getting into trouble and making bad decisions. Mistakes were made.

          In 2010 Sonny realized the path he was going in could only lead to a life of problems and knew it was time to make a change, with so much self taught experience in photography, music and web design he began working on his own little projects such as a entire social media network he created called "", after not having the success he had hoped, he was not deterred but more motivated. Projects Sonny worked on might not have gotten the attention he hoped for, but he learned a lot of skills on the way. In 2011, Sonny began to fall in love with the idea of actually taking the skills he was learning, and turning them into a serious career.

          Unfortunately a lot of obstacles in life came. Sonny's father fell ill with cancer, and soon after passed away, and his grandmother with a worsening case of dementia, her health declined, and she later passed away. Sonny had to put his dreams on hold and recuperate, as he just lost 2 of the closest people to him in such a short period of time. As the dust settled he knew it was time to get back in the game, and he did just that. Sonny started by creating SonnyDaniel.Com, a website dedicated to showcasing him in his entirety, facts, goals, projects, everything. Its clear that Sonny believes in hard work, and dedication to what he loves, and this is only the beginning, with so much more to come, his story is yet to be told.

   "I wanted this section of my website to be personal. To share my interests with you and invite you to join me on my journey, perfecting all my skills and living up to my full potential. Hard work is key in any goal and my determination and work ethic are unmatched. I've taught myself many skills based on that concept."


I have been making music for a while now, and I love it. I produced my own as well as many local artists since middle school. I started off casually remixing songs then went into DJing, and later producing beats and recording several artists under my amateur label Sonny D. Productions. Currently my focus is on myself as an artist. My favorite genres to work on are pop, and hip hop, also the combination of the two. I just love the process itself, to be in the studio all night making songs is amazing. I honestly couldn't see my life without making music.



Being in front of the camera has always felt natural to me. I have been doing amatuer photo shoots for a couple years now and I love it. This also goes for photography, every aspect in front of the camera, as well as behind it, feels like home to me.



I really enjoy making videos and connecting with people on youtube. I mean, who doesn’t love youtube right? But its more than just that, I work hard at putting out videos everyday, editing them and making my channel as polished as I can, whitch has really paid off since I have gained over 200,000 subscribers in the last year of making videos, my fans and supporters are amazing, and for my main channel, I will be starting new things this year to bring to all my subscribers including vlogs, music, and BTS footage!


Totally Jewelry

As you probably already know, Totally Jewelry is my jewelry company that I started in 2012. I love being able to bring people a variety of jewelry that they can express their self through, I will continue to bring new, fresh, one of a kind jewelry to everyone as well as continue to grow the brand name.  



It might sound a little odd, but aside from the entertainment / business world, science has always been my 1st love. Since I can remember, I have always been drawn to science. I've broke records with top scores on state tests and have always had a love for it. I just naturally seem to understand it. My life would not be complete if I wasn't able to be involved with the science community in some way, mostly space exploration, astro biology, and molecular biology. It's a true love.



I could be watching a movie, get an idea, and next thing I know, I’m building a table or putting pieces together for a sculpture. Art isn’t really something I thought I would be into, but I love creating things that are different and rare. Most of the time what I’m looking for just doesn’t exist, so instead of complaining about it, I just try and create it. I’m not always successful, but as long as I keep getting ideas, art will always be a huge part of my life.


Video Editing

From the music in the video to adding special effects, video editing has always amazed me. Turning hundreds of clips, different camera angles, sounds, and effects into one masterpiece is truley an art form. Being on YouTube, video editing is a crucial part of being successful, I have been editing videos for a couple years now and I continue to sharpen my skills everyday. I really enjoy editing, and one day I hope to be apart of a big project like editing a movie or a tv show.


Sonny Daniel

Last but not least, Myself. As I grow and accomplish my goals one by one, my main goal is to build myself. I’ve learned a lot on my own and will continue to grow and learn new skills to be able to keep buildng my brand that will be a clear representation of myself and my dedication to achiving greatness in life. I want to thank everybody right now for supporting me just by being on my website reading this. Thank You!

“Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity.” - Will Smith

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